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McCracken’s Carpet Cleaning- Halloween Decor

HGTV shows us some great examples of Halloween decor from the inside to the outside of your home.

For the exterior of your home, you could start with simple decorations such as a painted or carved pumpkin.

This activity is great for the family to get involved in.

You have the option to paint or carve or just leave it be in its original, orange state. Pumpkins can be displayed from October until the end of November as decoration because of Thanksgiving.

Wreaths are another Halloween essential for home’s exterior front door. Halloween wreaths are becoming more and more popular because of the various materials you can use to create one.

Between burlap, faux pumpkins, twigs, and spray paint, you can create a wreath that suites your home’s Halloween spirit.

Scarecrows and watchful owls are another cute and clever way to represent the Halloween spirit. Scarecrows aren’t just being used within a garden or crop zone to scare away the birds, they are being used at the front door for Halloween decor.

As for watchful owls, these turn out to be a cute bannister feature on your front porch. These cute creatures can be made from wood and leather, and little black paint. If you have kids, these are a great project for Halloween fun!

Boo! What’s Halloween without a ghost?

Ghosts are the Halloween tradition along with pumpkins. These wispy creatures have been displayed in all Halloween movies. One of the favorites is Casper the friendly ghost.

In order to recreate Casper the friendly ghost, all you need is tissue paper (for inside) or part of a sheet (for outside), Styrofoam ball, and a black marker for the eyes and mouth. Ghosts make great features to display from a tree or overhang in your home.

As for the inside of your home, decorating can be a bit overwhelming because there is so much to be decorated.

Mantles are always a good idea to decorate during the Halloween holiday. You’re able to display orange, black and yellow candles, bowls of candy corn and other elements such as fake spider web garland, pumpkin bats and a witch’s hat.

Tombstones on a dresser or cabinet are a great way to display Halloween spirit. You could create baby tombstone cupcakes or table settings for guests.

Some great ideas for the kids to get involved would be making “Halloween Potion” made from Kool-Aid and Sprite. The Sprite makes the drinks fizzle and foam like a potion.

Placing fake teeth, eyeball gum and other “creepy” Halloween things in jars will make it seem like a haunted house.

Get connected with your Halloween spirit and get the children involved in creating a fun atmosphere for the holiday!

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