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McCracken’s Carpet Cleaning- What Really Is Cleaning?

McCracken’s Carpet Cleaning- Does vacuuming count as a carpet cleaning? Absolutely not.

Vacuuming your carpets weekly will only pick up most of the pet hair, dirt, dust, and whatever else has dropped onto that surface during the past week.

Keeping your carpets clean on your own is very much appreciated, but does your regular vacuum system remove a stain that has been there? No.

In order to remove those stains and dirt marks that have been lying there for some time now, all carpets require a professionally steamed and carpet clean.

Your carpets should be getting this service once a year or every other year.

In other words, vacuuming your carpets every weekend won’t cut it.

Even if you steam your carpets yourself, you are still missing visible and non-visible specs of dirt, hair, etc. A professional steaming session is the only way to protect your carpets in most cases.

It’s like a human going to the doctor, it will keep them healthy until their next professional clean.

This might be hard to imagine, but sometimes the inside air quality could be worse than what it is outside. How could this be? If you’re not properly cleaning the inside of your home such as the floors, air filters, drapes, windows, etc. the air quality could be bad.

You should be calling professionals, such as McCracken’s Carpet Cleaning services, more often than you think you should.

We offer free estimates with a money-back guarantee, quick-drying, deodorizing, scotch guarding, wet carpet restoration, carpet repairing, and steam cleaning.

Even though the suggested once a year professional clean, in order to keep the dust-out and other particles (especially if you own a pet) should be getting your carpets cleaned more often.

Between the professional carpet cleaning services, you should be vacuuming once a week or more often with pets inside your home. Vacuuming to cleaning window sills, and anything that catches the most dust should be wiped off during your weekly cleaning sessions.

Area rugs will not be cleaned during the professional cleaning, so shaking them off outside and then continuing with a wash would be ideal for the best results.

Hint: Vacuuming slower will always get the job done more proficiently. Most people will rush, so slow it down from now on.

Another great tip is blotting carpet spills as soon as they happen.

Rubbing a stain will go around and can distort the coloring and area of the carpet.

Waiting to clean the stain, later on, will only allow the moisture to seep deeper into the carpet and the carpet’s padding.

You will want to spray that area with carpet cleaner on a cloth and dab that spot working from the outside to its center.

After you’re done blotting the area, in order to absorb the remainder of moisture, grab a few paper towels and set something on top of them to absorb it.

A clean home is a friendly home!

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