Wet Carpet Restoration

Dry Your Wet Carpet

Wet carpets are no fun, especially when they can create much bigger issues for your home.

McCracken’s wet carpet restoration Tulsa services can have your carpets quickly dried out using our quick dry method.


Wet carpet restoration can be sought out for multiple reasons.

With flooding in your home or business being the number one turn to for this service, there are a several of other reasons why this service can come in handy.

Other complications can include excessive rain and improper draining within your neighborhood, overflow of washing machines, overflow of toilets and broken hoses or pipes that can cause serious water damage, if not stopped quickly.

Along with these, we tend to see old hot water heaters start to drip and leak when they rust out, and sump pumps that fail without warning can cause serious damage to basement carpets.

flooded living room carpet

Avoid Mold from Carpet Water Damage

With water damage, there is mold if not properly taken care of right away.

Mold can spread quickly if not taken awareness to. Mold can grow and hide underneath your carpets and pads. Typically, water needs to be extracted from your carpet before a lot of time passes.

Our process is simple and to the point. First, we squeegee the carpet out to get as much water out as possible. Next, we take our professional and powerful carpet cleaner to pull out even more remaining water. We set up multiple carpet blowers and dehumidifiers to kick the evaporation process into overdrive. This way mold won’t form.

In the end, it’s always the best decision to restore your carpets after water damage because it will save you money!