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Definitions of Rugs

What are Rugs?

According to the IICRC Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Carpet Cleaning, “area rugs are textile floor coverings made of cotton, wool, silk, jute, animal skins, or manufactured fibers with or without a pile surface.

They are usually made in separate pieces in sizes designed to cover a portion of a floor or other floor covering, as distinct from carpet. Rugs may include but are not limited to: hand-knotted Oriental rugs, hand- or gun-tufted, hooked, machine-woven or tufted rugs, or flat-woven textiles of any size. Sand Springs Carpet Cleaning

When practical, the preferred system for cleaning area rugs is to remove them from the home or business and clean them in a controlled “in-plant” environment, where a variety of cleaning methods, or combinations thereof, may be used.

When necessary, on-location cleaning may be performed by technicians who have been specifically trained in techniques for inspecting, testing and evaluating, and then selecting the proper cleaning method.

Failure to perform specialized procedures may result in permanent damage to the rug and the flooring materials under and around the rug. Incomplete soil removal may occur due to an inability to dust or adequately vacuum both sides of the rug. Improper wet cleaning on-location could cause prolonged drying, texture change, cellulosic browning, dye migration, mold growth and or dry rot.”

The term rug is derived from the Scandinavian word rugga by the way of the old Norwegian word rogg, which meant wool covering for the bed or body.

For several centuries in Europe, the term rug denoted a rough, heavy woolen fabric characterized by a coarse, napped finish and used as apparel by the poorer classes. This information is extracted from the Rug Technician Course.

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