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Carpet Cleaning Jenks- Spot Bleach Dyeing

What is spot bleach dyeing?

Spot bleach dyeing is a process of carpet dyeing to bring the pH level back to normal for your carpet. This process can be done to all carpets within homes or businesses in a single room, area or cover up small stains throughout the home from bleach or wine. This technique is popular for home owners because it’s less expensive than full carpet dyeing and allows you to enjoy your carpets longer without having to buy a new one.

Is this service the right solution for you?

A process such as spot bleach dyeing is not the solution for everyone. Some people may be skeptical of the mechanism because they are worried the stain might return or that the dyeing might not be exactly the same color as the rest of the carpet.

Spot bleach dyeing doesn’t get destroyed by carpet cleaning because it’s a chemical reaction rather than a cleaning method. So, you won’t have to worry about fading with services from carpet cleaning Jenks.

Most stains that are difficult to remove from the homeowner or a typical carpet cleaning session will result in spot bleach dyeing.

This process is solely focused on bringing life back to that spot of the carpet and match/ blend in with the carpet’s coloring. Sometimes carpet dyeing isn’t just for spots.

People tend to use the carpet dyeing methods to restore their carpets by transforming them to look brand new without having to buy a new one or two.

If you’re experiencing other difficulties with your carpets such as damage, we offer carpet repair too!

We repair damage resulting from holes, tears, cigarette burns, fireplace burns, pet damage, chemical discoloration, furniture, melted plastic and other damage done to the carpet we can restore!

We specialize in removing and replacing carpet with damage, along with water damage as well. Water damage is the wet restoration service we offer to our clients.

Water damage can expand and basically ruin a whole carpet, but if caught in time we can restore it through our wet carpet restoration Jenks process.

If your carpets are still in good condition but suffer from a couple of bleach stains, spot bleach dyeing is the solution for your carpets!

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