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Carpet Repair Sapulpa- 6 Stain-Busters

There are many ways out there on how to remove a stain from your carpets or clothing, but which products actually end with a good result. Here are the top 6 products from Real Simple that really work.

Bleach Pen

For clothing, the bleach pen can remove a stain from your shirt or blouse without damaging it. The great part about the Clorox Bleach Pen is that is allows the stain and only the stain to be touched. The fine point end allows this to happen because of the confined area it touches.

As for the home, the pen can be used on mildewed tile too!

Stain Eliminator

The Stain Eliminator created by Black & Decker and Tide works electronically for a proper cleaning and removal. This electronic ‘power washer’ can eliminate stains with the charged wand that injects the stain with cleaning fluid. The great part about having an electronic device like this is that it provides pressure, water and stain remover solution all in one.

A similar process is used with our spot bleaching carpet cleaning process. If you have bleach stains on your carpets, we can bring those out of your carpets with leaving a fresh, new look.


Powder bleach can seem weary at times because you’re applying this to your wash load. Biz for stains provides a color-safe powder bleach that can be intermixed with your normal every day detergent. You can also apply it with a presoak on its own. If you have a shirt that has a stain on it, the stain reduces tremendously on the spot giving it an overall whiteness.

Delicate Fabrics

For the delicate fabrics, you will want to use a gentle laundry detergent. Examples of some gentle detergents are Woolite and Victoria’s Secret Affection Delicate Wash. These differ from normal detergents because the ingredients are slightly different that neutralizes the pH balance of the colors in your clothing.

As for the home, you could throw in a small area rug or bath mat that might have a bleach stain or any type of stain on it in the wash with the delicate detergent. Certain area rugs and bath mats have to be separately washed typically because of the material and cleaning process.

As for other stain removers, it mentions pocket wipes and other spot remover towelettes to get the job done on the go.

The services from carpet repair Sapulpa can provide the services of spot bleaching carpet cleaning and repairing of chemical discoloration, along with holes, fire marks and pet damage done to the carpet.

Whether your clothing needs a quick fix from your washing machine or your carpets need repaired or cleaned due from bleach stains, we have over 30 years of experience to resolve the issue.

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