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Carpet repair isn’t thought of before purchasing a new one. We know that damaging will happen to your carpets over time.

We specialize in removing and replacing certain types of carpet damage that can happen to your carpets.

We repair damages such as holes, tears, cigarette or fireplace burns, bleach, pet damage, chemical discoloration, furniture, melted plastic and other damages.

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water damaged carpet

One of the most common damage repair services is water damage.

Water damage can cover a large amount of area depending on where it is coming from.

We can patch it with replacement carpet, allowing for your carpet to visual look the same it did before the water damage.

Using our professional tools and techniques of over 30 years, we can replace almost any damage.

With our carpet repair Tulsa services, you shouldn’t have to stare at these issues anymore.

We service and clean carpets within the Tulsa area, along with surrounding areas of Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Jenks, Glenpool and Bixby.

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