Carpet Stretching

Tulsa Carpet Stretching

After some time, carpets will tend to stretch and loosen up.  Once the carpet has loosened up, wrinkles will start to form.


The first thought is replacement, which replacing your carpets can get pricey.

Our carpet stretching Tulsa service will allow you to keep the current carpet by carpeting stretching, maintenance and finish off with a good carpet cleaning.

In order to get the carpets polished up, we take care of any carpet maintenance right off the bat.

Anything from waves running down your hallway to transitions from the hallway into the bathroom.

tulsa oklahoma carpet stretching company using tools on stairs

Carpet Unraveling at the Seams?

Another maintenance issue that is common is the unraveling at the seams of the carpet- which children or pets typically pick at.  Before we can shampoo and make your carpets look brand new, we get rid of the bumps, lumps, waves and ripples.

No more tripping over wrinkles of your carpet!

After a good carpet stretching, we’ll be all ready to go for a carpet cleaning.

McCracken’s will retain your current carpets by our carpet stretching services.

1. Stretch Your Carpet

professional stretching carpet in oklahoma

2. Clean Your Carpet

professional carpet cleaning in tulsa oklahoma

3. Enjoy Your Carpet

couple sitting on clean carpet with child and dog