wool rugs - Tulsa CleanerTulsa carpeting is our specialty and what would we be if we didn’t actually have some knowledge. Here are somem commonly used terms when it comes to carpet damage

Carpet Distortions

Shading – General term for variations in light reflection from fibers that are bent or abraded.

Pooling – Originally associated with wool fiber, these are irregular confined, round or oval distortions in entry, pivot, high-traffic areas where lay of fibers is non-uniform and has reversed directions.

Watermarking – overall changes in light reflection caused by slight change in fiber orientation, often in rugs (any fiber) with dense, especially plush pile.

Pile Reversal – Abrupt changes in pile-lay along the edges of traffic patterns across a rug. Usually associated with acrylic and olefin-pile rugs.

Crushing – Packing of face yarns that lack resiliency (olefin, acrylic).

Wear – wear is defined by broadloom carpet manufacturers as “loss of 10% of pile density.” However, on rugs, wear may refer to loss of pile to the point that foundation yarns are exposed.

The Tulsa Metro

Here where the dirt is red and the dry heat can damage most about anything, carpets can be damaged quite easily. We believe that with carpet in the midwest it is all about preventative maintenance and keep the carpet maintenanced throughout the life of the carpet. We can help you understand how your carpet needs to be treated for longevity. Call your near by carpet cleaner and rug repair specialists. Tulsa Carpet Cleaners